Bonhomme Hospitality Group is a hospitality development and management company with an in-house integrated marketing team specializing in branding, content creation and communications. Today, this diverse group led by partners Daniel Alonso, Nader Hindo, Fadi Hindo and Rafid Hindo includes Beatnik (restaurant & cocktail bar), Black Bull (Spanish restaurant), Bordel (cocktail bar & cabaret), Celeste (cocktail bar & restaurant), DISCO (nightclub & music venue), Café Bonhomme (European-style cafe/bar), Beatnik On The River (restaurant & cocktail bar) and soon-to-open PORTO (seafood restaurant and wine bar).

Founded in 2012, the name for the Group traces its origin to the two main qualities that their bars and restaurants strive for in service: to be humble and good-natured. “In French, ‘bonhomme’ means good-natured, so the translation itself is a reminder of the character that we constantly work towards,” says Daniel Alonso, Bonhomme’s co-founder and managing partner. “Bonhomme was also the name of the street that I grew up on, and by sharing the name it too serves as a cue to remain humble and never forget where we came from.”