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The 11 Best New Bars in Chicago

BEATNIK one of The 11 Best New Bars in Chicago


Though this place could get by on aesthetics alone, Beatnik’s drinks are as luscious as its bohemian décor. Derived by Liz Pearce (The Drifter, The Aviary) and maintained by Benjamin Wood (Distilled NY), the cocktail menu offers a wide range of distinctive flavors that could easily clash in the glass but taste as if they’ve been tweaked to perfection. The massive space is practically overrun with eclectic beauty—romantically dripping candelabras, tangled wild vines, floor-to-ceiling moroccan tiles—but somehow, it all lives in harmony, man. THE DRINK TO DRINK: ​The Second Fiddle: bourbonbalanced with pineapple, lemon, turmeric, tarragon and sumac salt KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: ​Come hungry. Most of the space is devoted to a full-fledged restaurant, and everything can be ordered at the bar.

..The Windy City’s newest crop of watering holes is as diverse as its cultural roots. There are classic-cocktail dens, rowdy pubs pushing picklebacks, lounges experimenting with modern mixology, and timeless Midwestern taverns. Anything goes in this town, so keep your options open: Pick one of these 11 new spots and see where the night takes you.—

By Lauren Viera


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