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Big Heat 2019: Chicago’s Food and Drink 50

"5 Daniel Alonso, Fadi Hindo, Nader Hindo and Rafid Hindo Founder and Partners, Bonhomme Hospitality You’ve probably visited one of the bars, restaurants or nightclubs under the umbrella of Bonhomme Hospitality: Beatnik, Beatnik on the River, Black Bull, Bordel, Café Bonhomme, Celeste, Disco, and Fulton Market Kitchen. Founder and partner Daniel Alonso tells us Porto, a Galician-Portuguese restaurant, and The Christensen, a Wicker Park tavern, will also be opening soon. 'Each of our concepts is meticulously composed,' says Alonso, 'and carefully curated to maximize the experience for our guests, through design, cuisine, beverages and music. At the same time, we’re interested in preserving and bringing historic pieces to renewed life in our concepts. Because each one of our places has a true vision that informs every detail, from the interior elements to menus to programming, they are each unique and genuine. We do not attempt to imitate or replicate something that’s already in Chicago—or anywhere else.'"

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