• Bonhomme Hospitallity


"For a wholly novel experience, take a voyage to this radiant eatery. Garnished with varying plants and pretty decor, Beatnik clashes together textures, patterns, and colors to manifest a Bohemian Paradise. It will certainly be a date night to remember. Grab a taste of their multi-cultural eats featuring Asia, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and South American influences, and indulge in their purely fun and exotic cocktails. Summers dates are perfect for dining out on their beautiful Mediterranean farmhouse."

"Celeste is what we mean by exquisite taste. A romantic hotspot you can both dine and party till 5 am, is a rarity and must be cherished. This fancy establishment features three fabulous floors: the ground floor called The Pub for casual dining, sports-watching, and DJ sets in the evening. Then there’s the Decor Room for those who desire a little glamour and intricate cocktails. Last, but most certainly not least, is the outdoor rooftop garden with Victoria-styled decor and stunning views. Only thing to make this place that much better? Superior parking."

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