Bonhomme Hospitality Group is a Chicago-based hospitality development and management company with an integrated marketing team specializing in branding, content creation and communications. Led by partners Daniel Alonso, Nader Hindo, Fadi Hindo, Rafid Hindo, Meghan Vietti Perdue and Marcos Campos, this diverse group oversees a portfolio of restaurants, lounges and private event spaces that includes Beatnik, Beatnik On The River, Bordel, Botánico, Celeste, DISCO, Café Bonhomme, Mama Delia and Porto. Storytelling is at the heart of all of Bonhomme’s properties, which is reflected in the harmonious relationship of the food and beverage programs with the interior design. A passion for global flavors, visual opulence and repurposed antiques are all hallmarks of Bonhomme. Founded in 2012, the name of the group traces its origin to the two main qualities that their venues strive for in service: to be humble and gracious. In French, “bonhomme” means good-natured, a reminder of the character that the group constantly work towards. Bonhomme was also the name of the street Alonso grew up on, serving as a cue to never forget one’s roots.


Whether you're planning a casual happy hour party or special event, we have the space for you. We will work with you to tailor the space and provide a special menu if needed in order to make your next gathering enjoyable and unforgettable! 


Are you a hard worker with  a sense of fun, a lot of energy and a passion for the restaurant industry?


We are always looking for new talent to join the front of house & back of house teams at our growing family of restaurants.


We strive to create warm, thoughtful, memorable experiences for our guests.


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For media inquiries please email press@bonhommegroup.com